This is absolutely top level content. Amazing write up. Extremely concise and actionable. I’ll be looking forward to further posts because this was simply fantastic.

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nice work!

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Not much that can be said that Ox didn't say already. Fantastic post!

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Thank you, Croc, for being the first (AFAIK) to make a software engineering substack. I just graduated with an engineering degree with more focus on mech/elec with coding experience in C, but I want to pursue the SE route because I enjoy coding the most and it obviously has the best time/money ratio over the other two fields. Spending all my free time learning js/python/web-dev/bash/sql/algorithms with udemy courses trying to play catch up.

I especially appreciate your input on places to avoid. I thought doing fintech at a big legacy company would be the best financial option but I'm glad to hear from your experience. Totally agree about avoiding companies where the tech managers/executives don't have a tech background; dealing with that at my current job - wouldn't recommend.

I'm sure you'll go over this, but for the newbies out there, it isn't enough to know a couple programming languages to get a job. You have to know how to write readable/scalable code.

This is typically learned in compsci college education courses so people like me who don't have that background need to know these things to be able to compete with compsci grads:

1) Big O - how much time/memory does it take to run a function

2) Data Structures and when to use them:

- Arrays, Stacks, Queues, linked lists, trees, tries, graphs, hash tables

3) Algorithms and when to use them:

- Sorting, Dynamic Programming, BFS and DFS, Recursion

Looking forward to the rest of the series! WAGMI.

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